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How To Putt Better

It's easy to watch an Adam Scott or a Jason Day slam a ball off the tee and temporarily forget all about the beauty, skill and discipline required to sink a high-pressured putt. Getting to the green is only one facet of the game, you need to have the skills and just as importantly, the right tools to get the job done. Are you wondering how to putt better and get more out of your short game? This is where the DOT PLX®2D Parallax Putter enters the equation.

If you’re working onhow to putt better these insightful tips can be an ideal launching pad:

  • Knowing Your Conditions: This is crucial, especially in the unpredictable climate of Australia. Playing a tournament over the course of a weekend is more than likely to expose you to a wide range of tricky weather conditions. Having a great understanding of how wind affects your shots and the speed of a green when it's affected by water or the dryness of extreme heat is crucial to you playing well.
  • Practice: Thorough practice in a variety of Australia’s conditions will directly aid your knowledge of the game. Australia has a wide range of world-class golf course and each have their own unique characteristics that make them challenging to professionals and amateurs alike.
  • Know Your Gear: Have a deep understanding of all your clubs, but particularly your putter. If you constantly switch clubs looking for a competitive edge you may in fact be harming your chances of playing good, consistent golf. The DOT PLX®is the ideal putter for giving your game the consistency and reliability that can help you take the next step.

Taking note of these hints isn't guaranteed to elevate your game, but with the right mindset and hard work, the question of ‘how to putt better?’ should be far from your mind.

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