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Best Putting Aids

When you're golfing in Australia’s fast-changing, unpredictable weather conditions you need equipment you can rely on. The DOT PLX®was made with the player in mind and has the features to offer you the best golf putting aids, helping you enhance your skills.

The DOT PLX® 2D Parallax Putter - The putting aid for you

There is a massive range of golf putting aids on the market that promise to improve your skills and shot alignment. While some of these items may indeed help your game, the DOT PLX®boasts a built-in 2D Parallax Alignment system that actively improves your head position, stance and even your swing. It won’t be long until you’re confidently knocking down twenty-foot birdies. Form comes and goes, but technique will see you through the rough patches. The best putter will drive excellent technique.

The DOT PLX®is designed with specific horizontal grooves in the clubface that provide the ideal connection on every shot. It is the best golf putters for ironing out the kinks in your game by correcting weaknesses in your putting technique such as: head and feet position as well as your swing and follow-through. The most effective way the DOT PLX®aids putting is by giving you the confidence in your technique, which is sure to deliver a better scorecard.

Buying separate putting aids is unnecessary with the DOT PLX®and by following these helpful tips::

PRACTICE: Even the best putter is not an instant guarantee of good golf. Practice in a variety of conditions will have you prepared to tackle any course.

LEARN THE GREEN: A good understanding of the green is an excellent putting aid. Each green has different characteristics like length and speed. The faster you adapt, the better you play.

COMFORTABLE GRIP: Nothing adds stability to your game like a comfortable grip. A good, tight grip aids putting and allows you to relax when taking those high-pressured shot.

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