Jordan Speith goes through his putting routine…ball position, stance, grip, aiming, has one last look at the ball…. and instead of looking back at the ball, he keeps his eyes on his target and putts!! With great success.

So what is going on?

This NO LOOK approach to putting has been around for a while.

Several years ago one of the State Golf Squads in Australia used it for all their interstate matches. Golfers who yip 3-4-5 foot putts have used this strategy with varying degrees of success.

So how does it work?

Let’s go back to the start. Putting begins with reading the green and that starts about 100 metres out from the green and finishes just before you have your practice putting strokes. At this point you place the sole of the putter on the ground and aim the putter face where you want the ball to go. Then set your body. Begin your breathing routine so you have completely exhaled before you putt.

So far there is nothing different between the traditional method of putting and that of Jordan Speith.

Stroke. All the practice that you have done in the past and in the moments before you address the ball will result in a backswing and forward swing appropriate to the length of the putt you are facing. Also, your set up will influence will influence your stroke as does the ball position and the characteristics of your putter.

All of the above is now done and you can leave it to one side because from here on in your brain will be taking the last pieces of information on how hard the ball needs to be struck. Everything else is finished. And this is what Jordan Speith is doing.

Jordan has practiced his set up and stroke many times. He trusts it. He knows that all he has to do stroke the ball with his usual putting pace and in a moment he will get all the feedback about his judgment of the putt.

By keeping his eyes on his selected target and trusting his stroke Jordan is able to maintain his focus on the most important part of putting …stroking the ball with his usual pace for that distance putt. His last thought is how hard does this putt need to be struck so that it arrives at the hole with a good holing speed.

So what are the benefits of the NO LOOK?

With this approach there are no last minute thoughts about aiming, no watching the putter head going back…or wobbling back …or looping about, just a definite focus on delivering the ball to the hole at a good speed with his usual pace.

Golfers who use this approach will never look up before they strike the ball because they are looking up already!!! No more deceleration before impact, no more open face, no pulled putter path, no striking the ball towards the toe of the putter…. all because you are not looking up anymore.

Next time you grab the putter out of the bag, at home on the carpet or out on the practice green, try the Jordan Speith NO LOOK method over different length putts. Let me know how you get on.

Kevin O’Neill
Inventor of the DOT Putter