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What is the Best Putter?

What is the best putter? It's the age old question. The right putter can unlock that crucial final element of your game and see you take the leap from pretender to contender. Many players buy a set of clubs and never change the putter, they are perfectly satisfied. They also don’t know what they are missing out on. The best putter for you can give you the balance and security to really go after both those tricky, long putts and those terrifying short 'clutch putts' that can decide whether you win or lose.

Confidence plays a critical role in putting. Improvement and success are the fuel of confidence, and choosing the best putter for you will give you the best chance of successful results. The Dot Putter DOT PLX®2d Parallax Alignment System is guaranteed to make an immediate impression on your game and help you climb the ranks of your local club. The world patented Dot PLX alignment takes out one important variable: that of repetitive stance and repetitive head position.  By aligning the dots you ensure your head is in exactly the same, 'over the ball' position every time as recommended by most teaching pros, is easy to use and proven to generate outstanding results for professional and amateur alike.

When trying to find thebest putters on the market, consider the following:

Weight: It's important to feel comfortable with the weight. You want to be rolling your putts, not hitting them

Length: The best putter for you needs to have a shaft length that suits your height, reach and stance

Balance: This is all about comfort. If you are comfortable with your putter, action and stance then the balance will be perfect.

Head shape: There's no need to lug around a big cumbersome, garish club. Dot Putter offers its alignment system on both its PLX T-Putter and 747 Mallet Putter versions

Dot Putter is the answer to the question 'what is the best putter?' By positioning the player's head directly over the Target Line and square to the ball providing maximum roll through an easy-to-use technical routine, Dot Putter has provided one of the best putters on the market for most golfers.

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